About Us

Monster Story

With a combined half century of experience in the advergame game market, the team at Mini Monster Media knows how to make brands fun. We come from industry leaders such as Skyworks Technologies and MTV. We’ve been there since the beginning of advergaming and pioneered the online melding of brands in interactive media. We have built games for companies such as Sony, Miller Brewing Company, Nabisco, Planters, BMW, Coca Cola and many other Fortune 500 companies.


In 2009, we brought our collective expertise together in Mini Monster Media and have raised the bar in the online casual game space. Our focus has been in online and mobile sports games and has produced the most popular games on ESPN.

Games from MMM are high quality and professional products that bring in sought after traffic. Players are drawn to our games due to their challenging and addictive game-play, the depth of game experience, real 3D physics, and highly polished graphics. Sponsors are drawn to our games by their professional presentation and seamless brand integration. Sites want our games to drive up traffic, increase repeat visits, and increase the time users spend on their site. Our games deliver all of that at a reasonable cost that can fit into any marketing budget.

Please contact us so we can show you how to make your brand fun.