Tell me, I will forget
Show me, I may remember
Involve me, I will understand
– Chinese Proverb


Interactive Applications:

Interactive is more than just tapping a button or swiping a screen. It’s about engagement.

In this constantly growing digital space, brands need to understand how their audience communicates, learns, and interacts with its product.

mMm specializes in developing brands and products in the constantly changing digital interactive space. We use a variety of technologies custom fitted for your needs.

Mobile Development:

Brands can’t just be on the web and on social media. They also need to be in the palm of every consumer’s hand. We create apps that show your best side when it is closest to your audience.


Mini Monsters like to have fun! It’s no mystery why we started as a video game company. The level of positive engagement that a brand can achieve through a game is unparallelled.


Brand Building:

How you look can sometimes be more important than how you feel. The way your consumers view you. Monsters love design and usability.

UX Design:

User experience is possibly the most critical aspect of any interactive product. Your great content may not be reaching its potential because your users have difficulty accessing and utilizing the application. Let Mini Monsters guide your users through a clean and clear experience which will put the spotlight right where it should be, on your product.


How can we help?

We are here to fit our client’s needs no matter how big or how small. If you already have an interactive product and you need help in a specific area, we offer consulting services.

We can help with your UX Design, your Brand building, or your marketing. We’re very helpful monsters!