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About MMM

Mini Monster Media began as a collective of game development professionals who wanted to create high quality, casual games. Founded in 2009, MMM created opportunity in the turbulence of the global financial crisis.

Quickly finding a fit with Disney Interactive’s ESPN Arcade, MMM began building custom games for their audience to enhance their brand engagement online.

What began as a client relationship became a partnership with MMM being the sole retained developer for ESPN games. The game concepts, mechanics, branding, and experience were created to leverage and enhance the ESPN brand and engage ESPN’s audience. Together, we created dozens of unique titles in multiple genres including the Game Breakers franchise of casual games that garnered hundreds of thousands of plays and drove a 5 fold increase in traffic to the ESPN Arcade. The online games expanded into mobile with iOS versions of popular titles.

The ESPN relationship grew to include a partnership with Playdom to bring MMM’s Return Man property into the social media space with a MMOG. This venture into large scale social gaming provided an even larger growth opportunity for MMM.

MMM expanded into a more diverse field of interactive media when Disney Interactive shuttered the Arcade and Playdom. We went on to create educational applications, film, motion graphics, websites, AR/VR experiences, and began consulting for Corrie Health for their gamification and market reach of their Apple Health initiative.

Meet Our Leads

Mini Monster Media is a creative collective. We have someone to fill whatever need you have*.

*some exceptions apply

Julie Chase

Studio Director, Founder CEO

Peter Locharernkul

Technical Director, Lead Engineer

Gina Zdanowicz

Educational Lead, Sound and Music Director

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