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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Online, Apps, and Installations

AVEX : Augmented Vestibular Exercises

Using the Bose AR Frames to track head movement combined with ocular tracking using the mobile phone, AVEX provides vestibular balance exercises, or physical therapy, to help improve or maintain a person’s balance. Vestibular exercises have been proved to be effective in falls prevention in the elderly population.

VR Sled Hockey

Paralympic sports such as Murderball (or wheelchair rugby) or Sled Hockey (or Para Ice Hockey) where athletes with disabilities move around the field of play using only the benefit of their arms made sense to try in VR. Sled Hockey follows the rules of traditional ice hockey where players use a custom sled and move along the ice using shortened hockey sticks in a motion similar to cross-country skiing. The project brief was to create a vertical slice game prototype for a VR Sled Hockey experience for the Meta Quest 2. The game is still currently in development.

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